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Presenting the bravest subset of Healthware International…

For the last 20 years we have been global thought leaders in bringing digital to healthcare.

Today we specialize in co-developing disease prevention, and improved outcomes solutions partnering with the world’s largest network of digital therapeutic startups.

Fiercely proud of our heritage of innovation and creativity.

We are Healthware Labs.




Big companies need a trusted and experienced partner to help them navigate the innovation ecosystem, in order to quickly identify viable opportunities from a sea of startups.

Healthware Labs’ extensive innovation network gives us direct access to thousands of innovative digital health startups, at every stage of technical maturity, clinical validity and go-to-market readiness.

So, whether you are looking to run a hackathon to generate a brand new idea, accelerate an existing startup to deliver a Minimal Viable Product, or need to augment internal resources to launch a proof of concept innovation service, Healthware Labs can help!




Big companies don’t innovate, because risk taking is the key to innovation and big companies avoid risk.

Change almost never happens within existing organizations, and if it does happen, it happens at the fringes...

A continuous flow of innovation

Start-ups and investors produce a continuous flow of innovation creating new markets and disrupting existing ones.

Even established companies that underestimate the impact of newcomers or try to resist innovation will fail.

The need to connect

Any company that embraces open innovation needs to connect to the startup ecosystem.




Whatever your needs may be, we got you covered.

Our menu of offerings:

Strategic Consultancy

From Business Planning to Product Monetization, we are here to partner with you along this exciting adventure and help you make the right decisions so that you reach your growth milestones.


Need a Marketing Plan of Action? Want to reach your target audiences in selected markets in an effective manner? Have a friendly chat with one of our healthcare marketing gurus.

Product Design

A great product is often only as good as its design. Let us help you with market research to identify key features, benchmark against current players, define use cases, and even design and build the output.


Our solid heritage in technology means that we leave no stone unturned when it comes to development. Our technical architects and next-gen developers are always attuned to the latest tech trends and design nothing less than top quality tech solutions from A to Z.



Our full service enterprise innovation offering.


Workshop to train and support your company and BUs to seek solutions by introducing via Open Innovation approach, methodologies and tools.


To define, organize, and kick-off internal innovation projects. We help to identify, vet, recruit, and engage external startups and other stakeholders.Full design and logistics to host Hackathon Events!


Maximizes a company’s innovation investment in startups by providing extensive mentoring, technical, brand marketing, product commercialization, and ongoing consulting towards a MVP.


A full services offering to get the most visibility from innovation projects ready for market including project management, business and life-sciences consulting, product launch and 360º marketing support.




We say NO to pointless bureaucracy.

We do NOT believe in inefficient workflows.

While we may be a pretty large company, we like to keep things sweet and simple.

Just as you are lean, we will work as you do, so as to achieve the most cost and time effective results.




Our innovation Center of Excellence “in a box” provides you and your team with all the tools to introduce innovation methodologies within your existing business model. Coupled with our deep understanding of the cultures that drive both the start-up community and large-scale healthcare enterprises is a critical component that other consultancy newcomers in this area simply cannot match! Our 20 years of digital technology innovation in support of pharma, award winning thought leadership, ecosystem partnerships and direct access to thousands of startups is what your company needs in order to implement health innovation at scale.




Our talented pool of internal consultant is constantly experimenting on innovative new trends, thinking about how to apply them to our work, sharing, brainstorming and codeveloping solutions with the most brilliant minds in our industry.

Our alliances with the best players in the field give our clients peace of mind knowing that they are not only being advised on the best ideas and leading edge technologies, but also that each and every project will be run by a dedicated team of experts and mentors for each step of the entire project.




Our talented pool of people is constantly out there striking up conversations with brilliant minds from diverse disciplines. We are always experimenting on innovative new trends and thinking about how to apply them to our work.

We also form alliances with the best players in the field such as technology heavyweights and exciting start-ups so that our clients have peace of mind knowing that they are not only working with the best minds but also the best technology.

Partner with us and you get access not only to our agency professionals, consultancy veterans, quality product designers, but also our network of start-up partners.

For all our clients, we evaluate the project needs and thereafter, for each and every project, customize a dedicated team of consultants and mentors to guide them through each step of the entire journey.



Healthware Labs will, in very select circumstances, invest up to 20% of its consulting and production services in a “fee for equity” partnership with our clients. Projects with significant commercial and therapeutic potential are reviewed by our venture advisory board, and if it meets their investment criteria, our client will have an opportunity to exchange a portion of the fee for the project in an equity participation of equal value. We can also reach out to our VC partners if clients are interested in opening the project up to potential investors from the onset.



Naturally our projects are not pro bono (well, it depends really!) but they do not always have to be purely monetary. Connect with us to find out how we can create a mutually beneficial relationship!


If you are an investor or venture capitalist, and would like to take the level of marketing, communications, or product design of your portfolio company up a notch (of even several notches!), just connect us with them – and we’ll take care of the rest!


We are constantly on the lookout for bright minds to join our dynamic network.

If you are a consultant with an eye for all things digital and health, and want to be part of the ongoing healthcare revolution, then raise your hand! We would love to find out more about you.

Submit here your resume to Healthware!

Managers that open their organizations to innovation will remain competitive and produce value for clients and shareholders.


We love to meet and chat with new folks!

Whether you have specific business needs, would like to collaborate, or are just plain curious about us (thanks, we are flattered!).

If you are interested to spice up your innovation efforts or simply to have chat please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

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